Stop 4: Change of scenery in Denmark “Elle takes on the world 2017”

This month brought quite different scenery compared to my recent trips to Asia! Twenty-two hours of flights and transits led me to some greatly missed family in Denmark!

I’ll give a little rundown for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to visit Scandinavia yet. It consists of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, it has an incredibly old culture and was where the era of the Vikings was born, which lasted from the eighth to eleventh century. The food is fantastic, the weather is interesting, and the buildings are old. But, let’s go back to Denmark specifically.

Denmark at this time of the year brings comfortably mild weather- it is hottest part of their year, but is very different to the Australian summers which I am used to! The people speak Danish, not Dutch (a common mistake) and everything is a wonderful lush green, spotted with thousands of colourful wildflowers and butterflies nearly anywhere you go outside of Copenhagen. The Danes love the sun, and whenever it makes an appearance the locals are out walking, picnicking, playing and sunbathing. The food is beyond fantastic, and whilst I was somewhat curious to how eating a vegan diet in a country which is so culturally bound to animal based products, it was incredibly easy and the plant-based lifestyle seems to really be taking off there, yay! My personal favourite food there has GOT to be their pastries- there is a wonderful little bakery in Copenhagen which specialises in vegan food- and it was remarkable (it is called Naturbageriet- and is located in Norreport). The ‘Danish pastries’ we can buy in Australian bakeries are embarrassing compared to the art that is the real Danish pastry! 😉



The city is wonderful, filled to the brim with historical buildings and sites. It was the home of Hans Christian Anderson. Don’t recognise the name? You’ll definitely recognise his fairy tale books, which included The Little Mermaid (my childhood idol!), The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina and the Emperor’s New Clothes. Central Copenhagen also contains the world’s oldest theme park; Tivoli. It is the stuff of dreams, honestly. Beautiful gardens stretching through restaurants, rides, walks and rustic shops create this wonderland place, and the attention to detail with flowers, art and other decor here is like nothing I have ever seen before.

The next big notable thing about Copenhagen and the people who live there is their sense of style. Copenhagen truly is a fashion capital, and clothing stores are not in shortage there. Although- if you’re not such a fan of the fast fashion industry (like myself), there are plenty of Danish designers leading the way in futuristic and sustainable living brands. Also- the second hand shopping game is SO strong here; you should definitely get the hell around it if you ever visit this wonderful country!



One thing you will also undoubtedly notice is the presence of many wind turbines. Denmark is truly one of the leaders of forward thinking when it comes to green energy. On average they are already 50% run by wind power, but some days can triple that- in which case the energy often is sent to neighbouring countries. They also have a 100% renewable energy goal by 2030. There are a few countries I can think of which could really learn from this, especially since climate change is real (duh!) *cough cough Australia* *cough cough USA*. This presence of wind turbines isn’t new here. For as long as I can remember I have always seen turbines in Denmark (I have been travelling here my whole life). They also introduced a carbon tax in the early 1990’s which led to a decrease of carbon emissions of 20% by 2005. Anyone remember what happened to our carbon tax in Australia? Yeah, oops.

Anyway! The only thing which I genuinely craved while visiting was the ocean. The water is really cold, about 16 degrees Celsius during the time I was there. The diving conditions are also very harsh, so I gave diving a miss. Although one morning my mum and I decided we just HAD to get salty, so we did. I struggled in the cold a lot more than the regular Danish swimmers, but it was still wonderful and there was nothing like warming up on the wooden water extension afterwards.

It was a wonderful trip through and through.

Now, a couple more weeks at home before I get my cold bum back to the tropics!

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I got my information on Denmark’s energy from family members, and also from a blog post by Cindy Bae’s blog on ‘Denmark’s Carbon Tax Policy’.

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  1. Again a great article and photos. Must inspire many to prioritize seeing and experience the world, certainly does that to me. Can’t wait for next story X

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