Stop 2: Coral Bay “Elle Haskin takes on the World”


Hello Akua friends and Ocean Lovers

Elle Haskin has made her mark (or reduced it 🙂 ) on the next incredible Akua Ocenawear journey of 2017, Coral Bay. Dive into all that Elle discovered, learnt and experienced while exploring this wonderful Australian land. And if your looking for some helpful tips on what do while visiting this beautiful red land, have a read ! It sounds amazing ....


Crystal clear water, warm sunny days, chilled out locals; paradise. May was awesome.
If it’s possible, I love Coral Bay even more than when I originally arrived here nearly a month ago when I was in total awe.

There aren’t many words I can think of that would give this place descriptive justice. It is just too good. The health of the reef is the first thing that impressed me. Macro algae was nearly fully limited to bustling crystal blue shallow waters (many algae’s compete with corals for space in an ecosystem, so in this case- the limited amounts of it made me a happy girl). I found the next impressive feature to be the abundance and diversity of fish species in the bay and its surrounding waters. My favourite part though, was the sharks! Seeing these apex predators in such abundance and diversity was spectacular.

The reef and animals of coral bay are typically somewhat duller in colour, as the bay is slightly north of the tropic of Capricorn, and they haven’t needed to evolve with the same amount of colour as reefs further north. But gosh, the life is incredible and you need to go and check it out!!!!!

 It is truly marvellous.


I was lucky enough to join Ningaloo Marine Interactions’ boat; ‘Utopia’ on a few occasions. The crew are amazing and truly do ‘froth’ (Australian slang term for ‘being excited about’) their jobs. I highly recommend their manta ray tour. It is an exciting day (and a tiring day overall), filled with endless snorkels in the sun, there aren’t many other things that make me feel so tired yet so excited J at the end of the day.
The excitement that flashes through the crew when a new animal is spotted is so contagious, it feels like every adult on the boat resorts to the excitement of their childhood. The skipper is a man of enormous knowledge, and picking his brain about marine animals, the bay, the people and real world problems which are facing our reefs was completely invaluable. I love that the staff knew what they were talking about, and really cared about the reef ecosystem.

Check out this amazing marine experience next time your around:


When not totally absorbed by water activities, tourists (including myself) often branch out and opt for some different types of adventuring. Sunset dune hikes, and 4WD adventures resulting in beautiful white sand, empty beaches!! These were probably my favourite. There was nothing quite like driving (well, passenger-ing) onto a beach and feeling like you and your mates had been the only people there all week. Cold ‘Emu Exports’ (Western Australia’s local beer) is a must in situations like these, cause there just aint nothing like a cold can while watching the sun set.

Coral bay has my heart, and I will certainly be returning.

Next stop: the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

P.S. Would you like an interesting fact about manta rays? Oh, yes I thought so! The patterning on the underside/belly of mantas is completely unique to each individual and can be used as a method of identification, similar to how people can be identified by their fingerprint!




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  1. Great article and wonderful photos. Certainly inspires you to enjoy the beautiful place we have on earth and to look after this. Will prioritize this on my travel list.

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