Stop 1: West oz “Elle Haskin takes on the world”

Hello Akua friends and Ocean Lovers

Welcome to the adventures of Akua Oceanwear mermaid Elle Haskin, as she dives into 2017, by road tripping up the red land of Western Australia, to find rich crystal blue waters along the mesmerising coast of Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef. Aiming to spend each incredible adventure in the most sustainable way possible, Elle chats about where she found her self this month (April) and what she did to reduce her eco footprint along the way, ofcourse this includes spending those beautiful summer days, from the sea to the sand, in Akua’s favourite Sustainable range, Tropical Kiss !!


"Elle's Journal" Woah, April was pretty amazing! It started with myself and my mate Ashley, jumping in my old campervan (Lilly- yep she’s got a name) and leaving the big city (Melbourne). We had decided to finally make the trip across the Great Australian Bite together. 
It. Was. Fantastic.
There were days filled with nothing but red landscapes, and others where we could see the edge of Australia plummeting into the Indian Ocean, and nights surrounded by nothing other than the wilderness, and millions of stars. We were stoked, to say the least. We drove for 5 days straight; Australia’s back yard is pretty large! Sometimes we didn’t see a house or petrol station for hours- but that (and being prepared with a jerry can with 20 extra litres of petrol) was all part of the adventure.
In our efforts to have an environmentally conscious journey, we had set ourselves the challenge of making the trip with as few items of single use plastics as possible. This means no straws, coffee cup lids, plastic packet left over from our food, and so on (anything that could only be used once). It was hard in this rural part of Australia. We nearly made it- we ended up with three small items- which we have kept with us to learn what to avoid, and remind us not to repeat these products!



After the fourth day, we hit a little town called Norseman past the Western Australian border, we made a left hand turn (mind you, this was a pretty big deal- we hadn’t made a turn for three days), and decided to head down to Esperance. It’s incredible down there. The water is crystal blue; it honestly doesn’t even seem real. After frolicking in the water, visiting all the beaches we could fit in and settling into the evening with a bag of hot chips, we were exhausted. All that was left was to wait for our date with the stars once again!


After Esperance, we started heading towards a little city called Fremantle, just next to Perth (Western Australia’s capital city) to visit a good friend.  We ended up spending 10 days there, because it was just so darn good!
Fremantle is filled with great food, with veganism trending HARD (this was sweet music to my little ears). It is also the host to a beautiful set of beaches, art which overflows the city’s walls, and to our surprise- an amazing underwater world. We snorkelled most days, and were greeted by incredible marine animals including a mix of beautiful rays, thousands of colourful fish and a very friendly octopus who we became great acquaintances with.
At around the midpoint of our time in Fremantle, we decided to visit the picturesque Rottnest Island, a small yet remarkable place only half an hour’s boat ride from the city! We brought our bicycles with us and spent the day riding around the island (there are no cars allowed), visiting beaches, spotting New Zealand fur seals dancing in the water, saying hello to the islands local residents- the Quokka; a small mammal which looks like a cross between a kangaroo and a rat, who spend their days hopping around in paradise! We also, of course, went for a snorkel.
Next stop: Coral Bay.


Coral Bay is a complete gem, hidden amongst the beauty of the Ningaloo reef. With a semi-permanent population of just a few hundred, this place is not too well known.
The town spans over only a couple hundred meters, salt water runs from most taps, everyone says g’day, and the main beach is only a minutes’ walk from any accommodation. Maybe it isn’t everyone’s typical holiday dream location, but if you love a good snorkel and love marine wildlife, then this place is awaiting you! I think this place is heaven.
After only being here a few days some sightings included; subtropical fish, spectacular manta rays, an array of sharks including white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and TIGER sharks (such chilled animals, swimming with them was a dream) were not more than a semi-typical days sightings. The tour guides here are excellent. Although if you’re keener for a relaxed snorkel, the front beach will definitely satisfy your snorkel desires.
I can’t wait to see what this place has in store over the next month!
WATCH THIS SPACE & OUR SOCIAL PAGES ! As Akua Oceanwear keeps you updated on where Elle ends up over the next month and what other little creatures (or big 🙂 ) she makes friends with ! 


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