Hi Guys! My name is Zoe Elise Strapp and here is my story …  
So if you have been hanging around for a while you will know that this platform began as Akua Oceanwear, my sustainable and surf inspired swimwear range. As a surfer and environmental scientist, who found herself with a desire to create an eco-friendly product that woman would LOVE! I soon found myself creating Akua Oceanwear, from my semi alright savings account and countless hours, days and weeks of work. Which has been such an amazing journey.  
Though as the brand grew over the past year, I found myself wondering what is it I really love… why did I really start this? So I am bringing it back to basics ....
In 2016 I Graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife Conservation Biology), as well as an ever-growing passion or protecting and exploring our marine environment. Through this I also completed my Advanced open water dive certificate on the Great Barrier Reef and have dived in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand.  
As for my day to day passion, my life pretty much revolves around surfing. My partner and I live on the incredible surf coast of Victoria, with my best friend Anzac the Explorer (or better known as my border collie). Where we pretty much dedicate ever spare moment to chasing waves and trying to live as simple and sustainable lifestyle as possible.  
Best Australian Boutique Swimwear

And it’s from this that I am super excited to re-launch Akua as Akua Odyssey! An inspirational, fun and adventure filled platform dedicated to sharing the beauty of our oceans, my top travel and lifestyle sustainability tips, eco products, dive destinations and perfect waves. While still having your favourite oceanwear available to shop while stock lasts.. <you never know what the future could bring 🙂 >

I will be sharing not only my own adventures, but those of fellow mermaids around the world. Our favourite guest blogger and marine scientist Elle Haskin will continue to share her amazing insight and I cant wait to share yours too.


So head over to our Instagram and Facebook to follow the journey, stay up to date with our favourite sustainable ocean adventures and join the Akua odyssey


See you in the water .. Xxxx Zoe Strapp