How to Style Akua

Akua’s Tie Up Top

“Why fit in, when you were born to stand out” Dr. Seuss


Akua’s goal is to create the perfect combination of elegance and support. To allow you to feel free and confident, no matter what the day has in store for you. For this reason we are excited to bring to you Akua’s favourite design, the classical Tie Up Top. Created for any ocean occasion, we have used strong under breast elastic for extra support, with thin back straps, to be styled just for you! Weather you are laying on the sand or tackling the waves, we promise this top will withstand any ocean bloopers you throw it.

Learn how to add your unique flare to any Akua adventure, with this step by step guide,


This design is our Go To option for any surfing adventure. The thin criss cross back offers extra support across the front,  no shoulder straps slipping down, as well minimising those pesky tan lines. It’s super simple to achieve,

  1. Hold top in front of you and cross the straps over
  2. Thread each corresponding straps through the under breast elastic
  3. Slip over your head and tie at the back

We promise this will be your surfing saviour!



This simple design allows you to turn your surf top into that must have elegant sunny day option. With minimal tan lines being our goal, while allowing you to easily change up your top, for those sandy sessions with your friends. Its achieved by,

  1. Threading each corresponding strap through the under breast elastic
  2. Place your arms through the straps & tie at back




Adding a little flare to your ocean sessions, we have created this playful but practical option for when you want to change it up. Still encompassing the support of our surf style option, though with a little unique touch for any adventure. Achieved by,

  1. Twisting the back straps as many times as desired (more times equals longer centre twist)
  2. Thread each corresponding straps through the under breast elastic.
  3. Place your head though the gap above the twisted straps and put your arms through the holes
  4. Then tie at the bag.

Its the perfect option for those days that start in the waves and end at the beach bar!




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