Akua Oceanwear is the product of a 9-5 desk job that ignited a dream. 

My name is Zoe Strapp! I am a surfer, diver, travel addict and Environmental Scientist. After spending the last few years trekking around the globe, from surf trips to diving and cultural exploration, I found myself towing the line in a job that not only had nothing to do with my passion for marine science but had no future.  I wanted to make a change, a change that would move people towards living a sustainable lifestyle while bringing women together worldwide who shared my endless love for surf, the ocean and travel. 

I present to you, Akua Oceanwear



Designing every piece myself, to fulfil the never-ending issue of lost bikinis in the surf and bringing women something they can feel beautiful and confident in.  While also working one on one with my manufacturer, postage company and printing supplier to eliminate plastic from our manufacturing process to your doorstep. It was a challenging adventure, though rewarding beyond belief as I truly believe the best way for people to care for our oceans, is by learning to love them. Surfing has always been the driving force that ignited my passion for living a sustainable life and standing up for our marine world.

Akua Oceanwear was born to create a world where women feel empowered, beautiful and united to protect and explore our oceans worldwide and make a change above and below the waves! 

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Sustainable    .   Surf Friendly Cut's   .   Playful Designs

Haling from Australia’s Victorian Surf Coast, Akua Oceanwear is proud to bring a little flare to your summer sessions, with a suit you can count on. Making sustainability beautiful and creating a platform for inspiration and adventure, Akua aims to bring women together worldwide to make a positive change.

Akua uses only the highest quality materials to create seamless, 100% reversible, surf ready suits that fit perfectly. Using the ocean as our testing ground and drawing inspiration from the tropical seas, we offer elegant, cheeky cuts, complemented by unique vibrant prints and timeless bold colours, taking your ocean odysseys to new heights!



Akua Oceanwear is dedicated to a NO PLASTIC policy from our manufacturer to your doorstep and $2 DONATION from every purchase, to our chosen marine organisation, New Heaven Conservation. Our future goals include transitioning to recycled fabrics made from plastics in our ocean, helping remove existing harmful plastics from our marine environment as well as reducing the production of new plastic that you find in many fabrics. A dream that can become a reality with your support. The smallest changes in life can make the biggest differences and by bringing women together worldwide with a shared passion for an active & sustainable lifestyle, i hope we can all make a change above and below the waves 🙂

So find a friend, travel the world and be a part of something bigger!

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