Top 12 Tips to Remove Plastic from your Life


We are all well aware of the detrimental effects plastic has on our oceans and ecosystems worldwide. Not only does the production of plastic contribute to the issue of climate change through fossil fuels, every piece of plastic ever made still exists, finding its way into the mouths or wrapped around the bodies of our precious marine life. And while it's all well and good for everyone to tell you how bad plastic is, that you shouldn’t use it and you must stop now, it's easier said than done, when you’re not sure where to start.

That why I have worked closely with Akuas ambassador, marine scientists and my good friend Elle Haskin, to put together for you our Top 12 Tips for removing plastic from your everyday life. All you have to do is start, setting yourself new goals each week, to make that positive change.


1 . Shop with reusable bags – Always have them in your car ready to go, or by your front door so you never forget!

2 . Coffe Cup & Water Bottle – This one’s a no-brainer! Always carry your re-useable coffee cup with you and drink bottle. It will be a habit very quickly, trust me! My favourite is from @earthbottles 

3 . Say no to plastic straws – This can be one of the more frustrating changes as so many bartenders and waiters don’t listen, forget or simply don’t understand. But do your best to tell them why you don’t want the straw and hopefully, they will learn something too!

4 . Buy baked good in paper bags – When you visit your local bakery or supermarket always ask for a paper bag, not plastic, or if it’s self-serve and there are no paper bags. Just don’t use one and pop it in your reuseable cotton bag!

5 . Condiments & Sauces in glass bottles – There is almost always a glass bottle option for your regular food sauces. If there isn’t, try to make it yourself or buy it in a bulk size.

6 . Fresh produce & nuts – Bring a small netted bag like the ones found here , or use the paper mushroom bags in the veggie section of your supermarket.

7 . New Clothes & Bikinis – Shop at your second-hand thrift shop, buy good quality products that will last and shop with environmentally friendly brands (like Akaus hehe ) that are reducing there plastic and/or eco footprint.

8 . Household Items – Shop your kitchenware and furniture second hand if possible, you do not only increasing the products lifecycle, but also removing extra packaging that comes with new products.

9 . Toothbrush & hair brush– Grab your self a super cool bamboo one, found online oraat your local wholefoods.

10 . Deodorant, Lip balm & Toothpaste – You can use crystal natural deodorant or make your own. There are lots of very easy recipes that can be made with what’s in your kitchen cupboard. One cool lipbalm recipe can be found here

11 . Snacks – This is a big one, make your own snacks! Bake nut and oat slice instead of buying individually wrapped muesli bars and roast your own veggie chips using sweet potato, rather than unhealthy & overpriced chip packets.

12 . Meat Shopping – If you need to shop your meat, visit your local butcher and take you re-useable containers. They will be happy to use them and its then removes that silly single-use plastic bag all major supermarkets use.

Good luck girls !! And don’t worry if you slip up sometimes, it happens to the best of us. Each day, just try to make that next change and if you come up with awesome new ideas. Please share with it with the Akua Community via Instagram & Facebook @akuaoceanwear . Where in this together !!

xxx   Zoe Strapp & Elle Haskin

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